Monthly Specials

September Specials

CO2 Laser Resurfacing
Face Treatment:

Only $850 !!
(reg. $1250 per treatment)

What it targets: 
  • discoloration/hyperpigmentation (known as one of the most effective treatments for pigment correction)
  • superficial skin blemishes
  • sun damage
  • skin laxity and aging
Post-treatment may require a couple days of downtime as skin will be red and tender. After full recovery, skin will be smoother, tighter, and texture and wrinkles (both superficial and deep) will be less noticeable.

Vein Laser Reduction
20% OFF!!

Say FAREWELL to those pesky spider veins!
Allure’s laser treatment diminishes the appearance of veins by sending energy into the vein walls, collapsing and sealing them, which minimizes the chances of them coming back in the future. Blood flow will then be redirected to veins deeper below your skin’s surface, where it belongs.

Normal Pricing before discount: 
15 minute treatment: $250
every 10 additional minutes: $100

*Cannot be combined with any other offers.

Buy 20+ Smooth Threads,

get them at $50/each

(reg. $100/each)

Smooth PDO Threads are a perfect option for areas that are in need of collagen stimulation and minor volume addition. These are most frequently utilized in places like under the eyes, marionette lines, patches of crepey skin on cheeks, upper lip “smoker’s lines,” and under the chin (but can be used elsewhere, including on the body).

*cannot be combined with any other offers

Jeuveau Special:
$50 off when
you buy 50+ units

(reg. $500)

Must buy 50 units of Jeuveau to qualify for $50 discount.

*Restrictions apply. Cannot be combined with other offers. Units must all be used same day during same visit.

IPL Special

20% OFF!!

Also often also referred to as a “Photofacial,” Allure’s IPL is a skin renewal laser treatment that addresses multiple skin concerns including: redness/veins, discoloration, acne, and skin tone/texture. It is pain-free as we apply a topical numbing beforehand, and there is no downtime so you can continue your daily activities immediately after treatment!

 Cost before discount:    
* Full Face: $350 *
* Partial Face: $250 *
* Face + Neck: $500 *
* Neck + Chest: $400 *
* Chest: $300 *
* Hands: $250 *
* Hands + Forearms: $400 * 

*Cannot be combined with any other offers. 20% off is applicable to IPL packages as well.


Dermaplaning Add On with any purchase of Microneedling, PRP Microneedling, or Radiofrequency Microneedling Treatment!

(reg. $100)

Lipotropic B12 Injections

Fat Burning Energy B12 Injections:

10 injections for $179
(Reg. $250)

Benefits: helps with weight loss, increases metabolism, improves liver detoxification, better sleep, better/stronger hair and nails, more energy, better mood