Does the hCG Diet Really Work?

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It is a sure thing that you have heard a lot of different opinions on the hCG diet. Some swear by it, some think it is a scam, yet others think it is dangerous. Here we will examine some of the most frequently asked questions and delve into the controversy of “Does the hCG diet really work?”.

Common Questions About the HCG Diet

Many people have expressed that they believe they could lose the same amount of weight if they only ate a 500 calorie diet, eliminating the hCG injections. This may be true at first, however, if you do the diet without the hCG injections, about 10 days into the diet you will start to notice a decline in weight loss. This is due to the fact that your body has gone into starvation mode. This is dangerous because at this state the body will start to use muscle as its main source of energy. The hCG injections help prevent your body from entering this state by releasing stored fats and using those as its source of energy. By doing this, your body continues to lose weight in a safe way while keeping you feeling healthy.
Another common belief that people have expressed prior to starting the hCG diet is that they will gain all of their weight back as soon as the diet is over. As with most diets, if you abandon your healthy habits you will gain the weight back. Here at Allure Aesthetic Center, our hCG programs all come with protocol on how to work the program. It is vital to follow the protocol if you want to lose the weight and keep it off. The hCG diet is split up into three phases: the loading phase, the diet phase, and the maintenance phase. It is in the maintenance, or 3rd stage, where we teach you how to maintain your weight.

Negative Stigma Associated with the hCG Diet

One of the main concerns people have with the hCG diet is the question of if it is safe or not. The hCG diet has been around since the 1950s and was developed by Dr. Simeons who found that there was no harmful effects and that patients were able to go about their normal days on a specific and restricted 500 caloric a day diet. As the diet has been around for over 60 years, hCG has proven to help clients lose weight quickly and safely and has continued to grow in popularity.
Another common misconception associated with the hCG diet is that it is a quick-fix that will melt the pounds away magically. This is not the case. Although the hCG diet is a quick way to drop pounds, there is a strict protocol that must be adhered to in order to lose the weight and keep it off. Here at Allure Aesthetic Center, our program includes the loading phase, the diet phase, where we offer a complete nutritional guideline including available foods and recipes, and finally the maintenance phase. As long as the protocol is followed with 100% dedication, along with weekly monitoring, patients will lose and keep of pounds.

What is the hCG Diet, and does it work?

By now we have covered many of common questions and concerns about the hCG diet. So, what is the hCG diet, and does it really work? As mentioned previously, the hCG diet consists of 3 parts, the loading phase, the diet phase, and the maintenance phase. During each stage of the diet we do have weekly monitoring and assistance. Here we will lay out each phase of the program in a little more detail.


Loading Phase

The first 2 days of the diet are called the loading phase. During this period you can eat whatever you like especially foods that are high in healthy fats (bacon, sausage, butter, cheese, avocado, etc.) in order to prep the body for the next phase. You will also be administering hCG injections to yourself during this period.


Diet Phase

The diet phase starts on day 3. This part of the program consists of a VERY LOW CALORIE DIET (VLCD) 500 calorie specific diet while continuing to administer the hCG injections.


Maintenance Phase

Phase 3, or the maintenance phase, has a duration of 3 weeks where it is imperative that you avoid sugar and starchy carbohydrates while incorporating more foods back into your diet. Here we continue to monitor your progress, coaching you back into what you should and should not be eating during your new healthy lifestyle.

Now that we have explained what exactly the hCG diet is, let’s talk about if it truly works. Yes! As long as you stick to the protocol of the hCG diet with complete commitment the diet does work. Clients can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per day, or 5-10 pounds per week. Here at Allure Aesthetic Center we offer two different program options: the 6 week program and the 9 week program. We also offer extensions to the program if you are looking to lose a few extra pounds.

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